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BECAUSE I'M A MAID! Vol.1 BECAUSE I’M A MAID! Vol.1 (Episode 1, 2, 3) The heroine, Karen Otonashi, tries out for a maid position with the Mitsurugi family in the hopes of becoming a great maid like her grandmother. What kind of tests will the Mitsurugi family’s handsome young masters set? Find out in Sayuri Sakai’s latest girls’ manga from Japamanga!

BECAUSE I'M A MAID! Vol.2BECAUSE I’M A MAID! Vol.2 (Episode 4, 5, 6, 7)The birthday party for the youngest Mitsurugi son, Rei, is attended by celebrities from various countries. At the party, Karen struggles with a series of mishaps. And when her Kazumasa shows up in the nick of time… In this party, Karen finds an important hidden purpose…

Summer of DadSummer of Dad
One year has already passed since my dad died. I head for my parents’ place to prepare for the first Bon for my dad. My adult children say that they are too busy with their daily lives to go there.

UTSUMI is a boy with a gentle heart. He is so sweet that he smiles at all times, even for the bullies. He happens to find a pair of yellow glasses, which turn his perception of the world upside down. They are found to be magical glasses and make the spirit world visible when worn.
Suppe MangaSuppe Manga
Is this Japan’s answer to Monty Python? Introducing the unquestionably energetic and absurd “Suppemanga.” Artfully idiotic warrior Suppe, GO forth and meet your destiny…!

IKUTA, an office worker of a baby goods maker, didn’t remember his wedding anniversary with his wife and so his forgetting drove her to leave behind their baby.

Let's Go! KawanakajimaLet’s Go! Kawanakajima
It’s Samurai Gag comic!!In the history of Japan, the most kaleidoscopic age”Sengoku”, The most famous 2 general ,
Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin fought, “Fight of Kawanakajima”

Kao=SKao=S (Written by Shuji Yamagiri and illustrated by Usahiromi)Kao=S (pronounced as “chaos”): Kao=S is a traveling music group that has its own music style that combines Japanese traditional music and rock music. One of the group members is Jack, a Tsugaru-shamisen player who travels around the world to improve his shamisen skills and technique. One day, he stays in an inn deep in the mountains. When he goes to bed, for some reason, his body won’t obey him! According to the legend of Otodama (sound spirit), when a person hears the sound of Otodama, he will lose control over his own body, and then he will be attacked by “someone.” Will Jack be able to escape from Otodama successfully!? This is a spin-off manga created by an actual band, Kao=S, which features its band members!!

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